Work in the darkroom

It is my first large format contact prints.  Lately I’ve spent some time in the darkroom. In past I’ve used medium format cameras but I didn’t have occasion to work with large format camera. In the task ‘ The greater than the whole’ I used to create my pictures with Mamiya rb67. Work with that camera helps me to understood process. Why? I think that when I have only10 pictures in the roll, It makes me try harder on each frame.

As most of people on course I’ve photographed The Cathedral. My intention was to show details of windows, walls etc.

When I finished my roll of film I’ve started to work in the darkroom.

In the past I worked in the darkroom but I have not used processing machine FP40 because I developed film myself. For me it was new experience. Machine FP40 makes work with film much quicker


My first contact prints look didn’t look well because of low exposure. I used 1,2 sec of exposure.


On my contact prints I saw nothing so I decided to use 10 sec of exposure.

Now, my contact prints look better than earlier.



I got my contact prints so I can start to print the pictures.

My first idea of the task ‘greater than the whole’ was to show the body.

At the beginning I photographed the feet. Although that I changed the idea I decided to print these pictures.

On these pictures I have different results because on each photo I used different F, contrast and exposure.







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